How to Double Down, Make an Insurance Bet, and Get Your $100 Bet Back on Blackjack


A basic blackjack strategy involves using the dealer’s face cards to your advantage. Using these cards to your advantage means that you can double down, make an Insurance bet, and get your original $100 bet back. Here’s how to do it. Read on to learn more. Listed below are some strategies that will increase your chances of winning. These are not intended to be used as a substitute for strategy. In the end, a winning blackjack strategy will be as effective as your strategy.

Face cards are an integral part of any blackjack strategy

When implementing a blackjack strategy, you have to consider face cards. You can double or split when you have two Aces and one face card. Splitting an Ace will always give you 21 and splitting an 8 will get you rid of a 16 if you pull a 10.

Double down

When is it the right time to double down on blackjack? There are a few exceptions. The best time to double down is when you receive a 10-value card. This would bring your total close to 21 points. The second best time to double down is when you receive an Ace or ten. However, there are situations when you should never double down. Here are some rules you should follow when doubling down on blackjack. These rules are based on blackjack variations and are subject to change.

Insurance bet

While you may be inclined to bet against the dealer’s hand in blackjack, placing an insurance bet is not a good idea. You risk losing both the side bet and the main bet if you lose the Insurance Bet. In addition, it is not a good way to protect your money when you lose the main bet, as it may lead to the dealer having an over-hand. However, it is a good option if you happen to notice that the dealer has a ten on the first card.

Getting your original $100 bet back

Getting your original $100 bet back on Blackjack is possible. The strategy that you need to use is to bet even money when you’ve already lost a bet of the same size. You should not bet any more money, but try to play within your strategy. The key is to not bet any more than you can afford to lose. If you bet $100 on a hand and lose, you have six chances to get your money back.

Card counting

Card counting in blackjack is one of the most popular strategies used to win at the casino. There are two different types of counts: balanced and unbalanced. Balancing counts start and end at zero, and unbalanced counts start and end at a different number. Unbalanced counts are not balanced and will not improve your chances of winning the game. If you’re looking for the best card counting strategy, you should try one of the following methods: