MMA Betting at American Online Sportsbooks

mma betting

With the rise in popularity of Mixed Martial Arts and its world-renowned UFC brand, fight sports betting is a hot new addition to the offerings at American online sportsbooks. The sport of MMA has only been around for a few decades, but it has quickly exploded into a global phenomenon that now features events and massive betting slates every weekend across the United States.

Moneyline betting on MMA fights is one of the most popular wagers for fans of the sport to place and it’s as simple as picking a winner. The payout on a winning bet is determined by the amount of money you’re willing to risk and the oddsmaker’s prediction on who will win the fight. When betting on MMA fights, the total number of rounds is not always known and as a result, sportsbooks will offer Over/Under (Over being higher than the Under) totals for each bout. An OVER total for a fight will be listed as such: ‘Over 4.5’ meaning the total rounds in the fight are expected to go over 3.5 minutes. If you bet the Over and it wins, you’ll get a payout of $100 for each $1.00 you invested.

In MMA, the method of victory is also an important factor in making a bet as you can place a wager on either a knockout (KO), technical knockout (TKO) or submission. Knockouts occur when the fighter is rendered unconscious even briefly and the referee stops the fight. TKOs are when a fighter is taken out of the fight by striking damage and submission occurs when the opponent is unable to defend themselves and taps out to end the fight. A fight can also end in a draw when at least two of the three judges score it a draw.

Besides placing a bet on the winner of a specific bout, you can also make prop, future and live wagers on a fight. Prop bets are wagers on specific aspects of a particular fight such as the first round of the fight, whether the fighter will attempt their first knockdown or submission maneuver and more. These types of wagers are more fun than just predicting the winner and are a great way to add some excitement to a fight you’re watching at home or in-person.

To improve your chances of placing a winning bet, it’s best to study the fighters’ records and look for any similarities in their styles. In MMA, this includes looking at the fighters’ stance, as left-handed fighters are often at an advantage against orthodox opponents. You should also consider their recent form, as a fighter’s performance in the last few bouts can impact their odds of winning this particular fight. This information can be found in the fighters’ profile pages at a sportsbook. Lastly, it’s important to attend the weigh-ins before the fight and watch/listen to the fighters’ pre-fight press conferences. By doing so, you can see how the fighters size up and gauge their nerves, which can play a big role in the outcome of a match.