What Are the Different Types of Betting Units in a Horse Race?

There are several betting units in a horse race. If you bet on more than one horse in a race, you can place a bet on the multiple starters or the field horse. The field horse can be a male or female horse up to the age of four. The field horse is held at the exact starting point by a man stationed at the gate. The flag is dropped to indicate the proper start. Once the field horse is ready to start, it is placed in the field.


A SCRATCH is a horse that was withdrawn from a race. These races are not won by the best horse, but they can be the most entertaining. All scratchings must be approved by stewards. There may be several different reasons why a horse was scratched, and track management does not always specify the reasons behind a scratch. In some cases, the stewards may not even provide a reason for a scratch, so it’s up to the stewards to decide.


A sesamoid injury is a common cause of lameness in horses during racing. The sesamoid bone is prone to fractures during high-speed activities. This injury may occur due to trauma or violent strain, and is often noted when the fetlock joint moves abnormally. A palpation may detect swelling or pain. X-rays may be necessary for a precise diagnosis.


The SPEEDY CUT horse race is an American flat race that features six-eighths of a mile and 330 feet of racing distance. This race is notable for its fast turn-around time and narrow confines. Despite the short distance, this race can be considered an excellent test for a thoroughbred horse. While it may seem like a slalom race, this type of race actually involves two distinct disciplines: thoroughbreds and standardbreds.


The POCKET horse race game is an app that allows you to bet on a horse to win, place, or show. The app has a unique way of making this bet because the horse’s owner or trainer may choose to add an additional amount of money to the purse. The racetrack has a wide backstretch and homestretch that allows the horse to run straightaway from the start.


A POOL is a group bet in a horse race. The group must bet the same amount of money and all of the winners split their winnings nine ways. For instance, if a horse finishes in Post Position 12, the winning square would be the name of the person beside number two. This method works if the winning horse is an underdog. The winner of the POOL is the person who had the second-highest post position.


The French racing governing body, the AGCO, has suspended the license of five trainers for excessive cobalt use, and the Down Under harness racing industry has also handed out suspensions. The investigation has resulted in significant fines and suspensions, including a six-month ban for a leading Standardbred. The suspension will last until July 28, 2022. The suspension is a huge blow to the horse racing industry, and is sure to send a strong message to all participants.